Wednesdays: Works in Progress

First up:  Boston Terrier Mittens.  This pattern is fun, fun, fun.   I had lusted over these mittens on Lorette’s blog for quite some time.   One reason is that this little miss entered our lives in December.  Her name is Kinsey, she spent her entire life in a puppy mill and has many health problems related to all the litters she has had through the years.    Socializing her and nursing her back to health has been a work in progress.   She just turned 7 and she is completely and totally in love with Anna Grace.  I am a very distant second but, although I’m totally a cat person, I’ve fallen madly in love with this pup. 


Kinsey and her “person”, Anna Grace.  

Kinsey is supervising while AG does her homework.  :)

Spring 2014

Sorry the pic is kinda small.   I am blogging while on vacation and the original is on my home computer.   Had to steal this off of FB.

When I saw Lorette was knitting mittens with Boston Terriers on them, I was fascinated.  But as I returned to knitting, I swore I would keep it simple, no charts, etc.   But after I admitted my mitten lust to Lorette, she bought me a copy of the pattern and I could resist no more.     As soon as Anna Grace returned from Kids College that night (Kids College= a two week long day camp thing at the local community college where kids choose their classes, etc.), I had her pick out the colors for the mittens and I got started.   I am 2/3 of the way through mitten #1, I’m totally addicted to the pattern and have a blast with this project.   The only draw back is that I have to wait for “the littles” to be in bed before I start working on them and sometimes it is hard to resist the urge to just knit one row.  


Boston Terrier Mitten #1

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy

Colors: Crying Dove and Romeo Blue

Next up, my super simple sock project.  I’m working on Vanilla Latte Socks.   I thought they would be simple but provide enough interest.  Not exactly.  Since I just finished a basic stockinette sock, these are a little too vanilla latte for me right now but it is definitely something I can work on when the littles are around without losing my place etc.  Also doing these via Magic Loop style and loving that.  DPNs are also not a good choice when the littles are around.  This sock is just about to enter the heel phase in another row or two.  (BTW…those blues in the photo are actually closer to teals.)

Vanilla Latte Socks

Magic Loop Method

Blue Ridge Yarns Kaleidoscope

Color: Yellow River

Finally, my best work in progress of all….these crazy children.  Yesterday we were in Boothbay Harbor and we were walking on this cool waterbridge that crossed the harbor.  I thought it would be a great place for a family photo.   They didn’t.   So I came up with a title of my own.


Catalog of Uncooperative Children



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  1. Your mittens look terrific! One hint on the thumb, I learned this the hard way on the first mitten. If you cut the waste yarn and try to pick up those stitches, it can be a real mess, I had to use some of your redneck engineering to get the stitches back on the needles. Take a much smaller gauge dpn and thread one through the stitches on either side of the waste yarn, make sure you have the right number and the right stitches, THEN cut the freaking waste yarn.

    And I’m laughing at your family photo. My mom had dozens of kid photos of my little brother and I, many of which had her hand in the photo twisting his head to look at the camera.

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