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It has been way too long and life has been way too hot and way too crazy.  As I write this I realize I don’t even have a preggo shot and that’s kinda silly since that is the major work in progress that has been going on around here.  As far as the pregnancy goes, I’m 38/39 weeks (depending on who you ask), I’ve never carried any of my pregnancies this long, it is a bazillion degrees outside, the baby is healthy and I am full of complaints.  Essentially I have come the conclusion that pregnancy is for teenagers, not forty-somethings.  :-O

Cloud Chaser:

I finished all the knitting on Cloud Chaser, put it on and realized that even if I lost 30 pounds off of my pre-pregnancy weight, this thing still wouldn’t fit.  And even if my gauge or whatever wasn’t off and my brain was working and this thing was the correct size, it still wouldn’t fit.  I have to accept the reality that things with unique construction or that must hang a certain way in the front DO NOT FIT ME!!!  I’m too tall, too long waisted, too this, too that and then there’s the problem with the double D’s…. they mess up everything.

So allow me to show you pictures of Cloud Chaser….being modeled on a 7 year old (yes… let that sink in for a moment).  If the 7 year old had some more meat on her bones, she might actually be able to wear this in real life.



I loved knitting it, the pattern was really interesting and fun.  I knit the size I usually knit for myself based on the measurements I use for my pre-pregnancy self.  I love how the entire thing is finished and there’s no need to seam.  I just loved knitting it.  But it ends there because I will never be able to wear it.   And so it goes.

Burp Clothes:

Nothing too original here.  I made 2 burp clothes for baby girl.


Knit with basic kitchen cotton.  One is a garter stitch, one is waffle rib.  Both are about 12″ x 20″.


I had gotten to the point that I had stopped buying knitting books but I recently purchased Knitalongs: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown and I totally love this book.  I just finished knitting the Pinwheel Blanket and am planning on making more of the projects from this book.


Pinwheel Blanket

KnitPicks Shine Worsted

Color: Crocus

Gnome Hat:

I had a good amount of the yarn left over after finishing the pinwheel blanket so I decided to make a matching hat.  I didn’t use a pattern, just winged it.  Thought with the flower petal look of the blanket that a gnomish hat would be perfect.


Gnome Hat

KnitPicks Shine Worsted

Color: Crocus

No pattern, just winged it

Newborn Flower Hat:

I, who never makes hats and has now made two for the same small child, decided that I must knit the Newborn Flower Hat.  It only took a day.  I love how it turned out but I can say that the increase rows on the flower portion of the hat are not fun, relaxing or enjoyable.  They will make you cuss like a sailor.  Not that I’m admitting anything.


Newborn Flower Hat

Dream in Color Classy: Cool Fire

A peachy little hat for my little peach.  :-)

And then there was that teensy tiny hospitalization:

In among all of this knitting, there was the night that my behind got tossed in the hospital.  I was having contractions, I was just a day shy (okay, a smidge more than a day) of being 36 weeks. We got the kids all set up and headed to the hospital in full anticipation that I would be holding baby girl in my arms in just a matter of hours.

But upon my arrival everything changed.

My OB wasn’t on call, her partner was.  My OB and I agree that by dates I was 35 weeks but by early sonograms etc, I was actually 36 weeks.  On call OB was going to go by dates and only by dates.  With that plan, I was 32 hours shy of being 36 weeks and therefore in “premature labor”.  I was hospitalized, pumped full of terbutaline (a torture tactic our CIA should consider for interrogation techniques!) and my labor was stopped.  I had to sleep on a labor bed throughout the night thus resulting in me not sleeping at all.  Dana slept in the recliner.  And snored.  And late the following day I was sent home with a prescription for procardia which is a blood pressure medicine that has the side effect of delaying labor.  Yeah…only one problem.  When you put a pregnant lady with a history of low blood pressure on a blood pressure reducing medication… bad things happen. When my blood pressure bottomed out and I was too dizzy to drive, etc., Dana and I decided to cut bait on the procardia.

Since that time little has happened in baby land.  I have been on my feet, running around like crazy and trying to convince her to come out.  She refuses.  It is the only pregnancy I have carried this long.   Last night I dealt with contractions until 3:30 am and then…nothing.  They stopped, I went to sleep and that was the end of that.

I truly believe at this point that I will carry this baby past term.  And then I will end up with a very long prison sentence.  Because if I manage to get my hands on the OB that was on call that night, the one who stopped my labor and forced me to still be pregnant when our temperatures reached 97 degrees (with a 106 heat index), there will be bloodshed.  I already have a voodoo doll in his image.  Every time I got a procardia induced headache,  I made sure he had one too.  My momma always taught me the importance of sharing!

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  1. Oh I SOOOO feel for you for still being pregnant!!!! That little peach doesnt want to come out because she is living in a comfort controlled area and why come out when the heat index is constantly in the triple digits????

    Love all the stuff you’ve knitted up, lmk how the shine washes up and wears. I’ve looked at it a few times, but never seem to buy it.

    Heres hoping you will be popping that kid out soon!!!!! BTW what did your reg ob dr say when informed of all this? 32 hours shy??? seriously?!?!!?

  2. Oh my goodness. Make the guy walk around with the man/pregnant tummy out in the heat! I am glad to see you are doing as well as can be expected concerning all you’ve been through. Love the knitting. Thanks for posting :)

  3. My friend Sharon swears by root beer floats for putting a full-term mommy into labor. I scoffed. She’s an RN. She should know better. I was in nursing school and living in their basement. It was my night to cook and mutual friends were coming over. Our friend Jan was full-term. After dinner, Sharon served root beer floats. Sure enough, Jan’s husband called the next morning. It WORKED. Rhonda was born!(Rhonda’s getting married this month) I recommend you go out and get a root beer float right this very minute. Let me know if it works – I’ll email Sharon!

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