The Guilt Hat

I knit a pair of socks and a pair of mittens for Anna Grace.


I knit a shark hat for Jack Henry.


And then a little voice said “Where’s mine?”.


And so The Guilt Hat was born.   


I have avoided making hats for Georgia Kate for one very important reason: the size and wonkiness of her head.  When she was an infant, just three months old, her head circumference spiked and she actually had an adult sized head before she reached the ripe old age of 6 months.   All those cute infant hats?  Out of the question.  


She became known as Flash Gordon since she ended up getting quickie, or “flash”, MRI’s of her head once, twice or thirty bazillion times.   Hydrocephalus was eventually ruled out and she was diagnosed with Benign Extra Axial Fluid of Infancy (“BEAFI”… pronounced “beefy”).   All of that was just a fancy term for “the kid has a pumpkin head”… as my pediatrician so delicately declared one day.   

After I finished this (I just kinda made up the thing as I went along, based it off of a hat I knit her when I was pregnant. Basic hat with a rose: DONE!)

This yarn is some that I spun for entering into SAFF 2007.  It was a Lorna’s Laces roving and the color is called Lakeview.

Rose attached and hat finished.


She has been anxious for her hat to be finished.   Guilt, guilt, guilt.   She asks everyday.  EVERYday.

Bad mommy!!


The Guilt Hat

Handspun yarn

Lorna’s Laces Roving: Lakeview

US 8 needles

Happy Kid


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