I finished the Boston Terrier Mittens.   I love them.  Anna Grace loves them.   It’s just a great, big love fest.  


Thank you so much, Lorette, for sending me this pattern.  It was a super fun knit and it got me back in the swing of things when it comes to knitting.   And blogging, too (although I’m still not the most consistent blogger on the planet).  



Here is a view of the pups right when they came off of the needles.  


Anna Grace tried them on right away.   She loves them.


Here are the pups after blocking.  I had a little trouble with my yarn tension during the project.   As a result, I had some puckering.  I was not hopeful but I actually was able to block out some of the puckering.  



This is side 2 of the mitttens after they had a bath and a little blocking.  I think the thumbs are one of the cutest features of this pattern.


And right on time, we woke up this morning to discover it was 34 degrees outside.    So the pups were able to enjoy their first trip to school.  (May God have mercy on her soul if she loses one of those mittens!)



Boston Terrier Mittens

Yarn: Dream in Color, Smooshy

Colors: Romeo Blue, Crying Dove

Modifications: None intentionally  



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