Pretend It’s Wednesday

Pretend today is Wednesday and just humor me for a bit.  I intended to post from the airport yesterday but then our travels went kinda freakshow crazy and that was the end of all ideas about posting happy, yarny pictures.


We are home from our vacation in Maine and we had an awesome time.  I truly was not ready to go home.    Then we arrived at the airport to find out that our connecting flight was canceled, services we paid for were not being provided, refunds would not be issued, airline staff were not intending to be helpful and so it went.   Instead of arriving home around 9:30 at night, we arrived home at 2:30 in the morning.   And as we drove into town I had this thought…. “I wonder if our travel day was so bad because God was trying to move me away from not being ready to return to our life here to instead begging and pleading with Him to just get me back home.”

Kinda wonder…..


I have been doing lots of knitting while we were on vacation.   Each time we were heading out to one sight or another, I had the sock project in the car with me.   I also worked on this a bit yesterday during the first, less stressful, leg of our journey.


Plain Vanilla Latte

Blue Ridge Yarns

Kaleidoscope: Yellow River


I am secretly wondering if I have enough yarn to finish these socks.  I used my imaginary scale and my redneck ju ju screamed “there ain’t no freakin’ way you’re going to have enough yarn to cover your freakishly long feet”.   My redneck ju ju  has never been known for having the gift of encouragment.  


I also finished mitten #1 from the Boston Terrier mittens.   I have a dimple in the socks and I know when I did that.   I was having a problem with a ladder developing so I pulled on the float between the dpn’s.  Hoping I can block it out a bit but not sure.   Learning more and more about colorwork as this project continues.


Boston Terrier Mittens

Thumbs come later


And finally…. the kids.   This is a photo of Jack Henry and Georgia Kate.   We had rainy and cold weather for a few days in Maine.   On this day the sun came out and they wanted to play in the yard.  The farmhouse where we stayed had a large yard, lovely pond and backed up to the state park.   So… private.   And private meant these two may or may not have been outside running around buck naked.   Allegedly.  



Jack Henry and Georgia Kate

a.k.a. Stinky and Sticky 




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