One Backyard



That became one big lake after one million days of rain.




 One Beautiful Sunset



That arrived after one million days of rain.




One Big Basket Filled with 35 Meals



Once a month cooking (OAMC) rocks my world!




One year Since I Said Goodbye



One Year since I sat with you one last time.



And I think of you every single day.  Hope that you’d be proud of the decisions I make for myself, for Anna Grace.  I try to not let one day pass without making sure that I honor your legacy.

As I venture more and more into gardening I think more and more about you and all the time we spent in your garden.  I wonder what you’d think about my upside down menagerie.




One Tomato and One Zucchini from One Crazy Garden



One minute with my odd little garden experiment just makes me feel more connected.  In a year that admittedly was filled with great sorrow and trials, it was also filled with so much more laughter and joy.  My crazy little garden is just one more blessing and one more thing to be thankful for.

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