Not Socks

There once was a skein of yarn that just seemed to scream “not socks”. Every time I pulled it out of the stash to use it for the next project it just seemed like it shouldn’t be … socks.


And so it became “not socks”.   It became an easy, enjoyable project that allowed me to see and love every color.


And when it refused to finish blocking on a very blustery day, I sat over it like a mother hen.  A mother hen who was quite cold, thankyouverymuch!

But, eventually, it was ready to go.


Lineage Cowl

(a.k.a. Not Socks)

Designed by Lisa Mutch

Fleece Artist: Trail Socks

Color: Mermaid

Loved, loved, loved knitting this.

Love, love, love wearing this cowl.  


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