Jumping Back In…

I decided that I would wait to get the blog going again until after Anna Grace was finished with school. And that was a fabulous plan until you factor in the news that we’re getting ready to go on vacation. Tomorrow. Vacations always mess up good blogging routines.   And since I currently have no blogging routine, I’m certainly doomed.

We are all well. Crazy, loony, but well.  We are heading to Acadia National Park and taking the Autotrain for part of the journey. Very excited.

The kids?

They’re awesome.

Jack Henry is three and loves cars, trains, garbage trucks, air planes, helicopters and puddles.   He is currently talkative and bossy and a tattle tale and really funny.  He also seems to be making every effort to set the world record for the longest time EVER needed to potty train one child. EVER.  For like…EVER!

Georgia Kate will be 2 at the end of the summer and she is “emotionally flexible”.  That’s our kind way of letting you know she’s a major drama queen.  Happy one minute, screeching the next.  But she is also majorly cute.  And she knows it.  Jesus help us!  Georgia Kate’s goal in life is to shadow Jack Henry everywhere he goes.  Not because she wants his company.  Nope.  She just waits for him to set down his snack, his toy, his something and then she takes off with it and laughs as loud as she can. As you can imagine, this does not lead to family harmony.

Anna Grace is doing fabulous, really fabulous.  She is 9 going on 30 and she is simultaneously irritated by her little siblings’ existence and thrilled that she has someone to boss around.  She has become a big help for me but now I’m trying to teach her what she needs to “report” immediately and what we can let “slide” for the sake of my sanity.  My yardstick is “Is someone bleeding or on fire?”, if not, we’re good.

Anna Grace just finished 3rd grade, she’s doing great in school and her teacher thinks she is a great writer.  I recently read one of her “books” and it was pretty stinkin’ funny.  Love that!!

Knitting?  Spinning? 

There is occasional knitting.  Today there was much unknitting.

First…a small recap.  The project that I was knitting for the knitting olympics, which are no longer called the knitting olympics, and I never finished… I decided I never want to finish it.  I hate it, I don’t like it, the end.

The colorwork mittens with the tension too tight because it was my first real color work and ya know… bad things happen?  Well they remain in a zip lock bag and yesterday when I swept our master bedroom and swept under my bedside table, VOILA!, I found them. (Yes, I do realize that this kinda means I’ve just confessed to not sweeping in quite some time.  Don’t judge!)    The mittens need thumbs.   They may need other things.  They may go on vacation with me.  They may get shoved back under the bedside table.  Oh the suspense!

And the unknitting.   A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away (also known as Georgia) I cast on a pair of socks and I made them too big.  But I had much denial so I kept knitting.   And I finished a sock.  And then started another sock, with the same denial issues.  And eventually I just quit because the socks were like HUGE!  Well, today, while sitting at AG’s piano lessons, I unknit those socks.  Both Mr. Partial Sock and Mr. Finished Sock.   Oh how I wish I could fully express the joy I experienced while trying to undo the kitchener stitch in Mr. Finished Sock’s toe.   Adding in that my vision has been failing fast and this little job was full of unspeakable delights.  

I did manage to finish the job and I downloaded a copy of an old favorite pattern: Jaywalkers.   These will go to Maine with me along with a fiber + spindle project that I started on last year’s vacation. (Yes…that’s how fiber projects have been going around here….SLOW!)

I will return in 11 days and hopefully get right back in to this bloggy thing.  I do miss it.  Much.


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  1. So glad you’re back! Even though I’ve followed you on Facebook, it will be nice to get the expanded version of your crazy life.

  2. Good to hear from you! Glad to hear you are doing well. Yes not much gets done when you have little ones. Esp when two of them are three and under!!!! Can you knit up some new socks that fit with that ripped out yarn??

  3. Glad to see you back. I did the same thing, took a bit of a break, and now I’m trying to be a better blogger.

    It’s nice to hear about the kiddos… sometimes it’s like we are part of your extended family. :) Enjoy your vacation!!!

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