I Didn’t Forget

I didn’t forget to blog I just….. well, life happened.

Life in the form of Back to School.   And in the form of the littles started school and Holy Cow!  How in the world did we spend 600 bucks on school supplies!!??? and Why am I fighting with this child over her Spanish homework? and Why did God not answer my prayer and replace the spanish teacher because that woman is….(insert long, unlady like rant here with many descriptive terms.  Many.)

And in the midst of sorting school supplies and running back and forth to the store to buy more school supplies and labeling school supplies and swearing I never wanted to say the words “school suppllies” again, there was very little knitting.  So I have returned to my crankipants self with a capital C.    A few days ago I picked up the sock project again and finished the heel of sock #2.   And then I promptly lost the sock project in a backpack.    This momentary loss lead to more crankipants behaviors, or so I’ve been told.

So you see, I did not forget that I was returning to this blog and keeping it up to date.  I just gave all of my blogging time to writing names with sharpies.    And while I love me a good sharpie, that is not how I really wanted to spend my time.

Here are pictures from the first day of school.   After these were taken I ran to Waffle House, PDQ, and drowned my sorrows in syrup.    Syrup fixes all sorts of sorrows.


Jack Henry’s first day of Pre-K 4 and Georgia Kate’s first day of Pre-K 3.  They attend the same school as Anna Grace and they are pretty sure that officially makes them big shots.



Anna Grace’s first day of 5th grade.   She is growing up so fast and gets more beautiful each day.   

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  1. No! Tell me that’s not really Anna Grace, but a computer enhanced photo showing what she WILL look like when she’s as old as she says she is?!?

    Your kids are growing up too fast, but they are beautiful and look happy (no cranky pants there)…you must be proud.

    My baby turned 26 last week…so I feel I should remind you, enjoy it while it lasts!

    God bless,

  2. Wow! Stumbled upon a great 2008 post you had on Trunk-or-Treat decorating. Didn’t realize other people did that. Silly me. Hubby and I will be doing that for our high school kids’ band and colorguard on Halloween night after a football game. Our kids are Lila Marie and….Anna Grace!!! Great minds think alike. Thanks for your blog.

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