Anna Grace’s Socks

Anna Grace has a renewed interest in knitting, my knitting and a fondness for hand knit things.   Recently she has been asking “who are those for?” each time she sees me knitting a pair of socks.    And so I asked the question that was begging to be asked: “Would you like me to knit you a pair of socks?”.   She lit up and readily agreed that she really would like a pair of hand knit socks.   

I found a skein of yarn in the stash that had been wound into a yarn cake.  I remember I tried to make a few different things with this yarn as a “sample” back when we owned Sonny & Shear.  I also remember that I finally decided that this particular yarn had bad ju ju since every attempt failed miserably.  But Anna Grace liked the yarn, liked the colors, and so I ignored the bad ju ju and began knittng a pair of stockinette socks for the oldest offspring.

It took a bit of research to figure out what yarn this happened to be and what color as well.  I could only rememer a portion of the company name was the word “seacoast”.  I, as per usual, have to trace of a ball band.   Ravelry to the rescue.  I looked up the word “seacoast” and Seacoast Handpainted popped up.  I recognized the name immediately.   As I looked at their fibers, I’m pretty sure this would be their Superwash Sock.  I was also able to easily figure out the color name.   Love being able to figure out my yarn mysteries with the Ravelry yarn database.

Pardon the car photos.   We took Anna Grace zip lining for her big Christmas gift and these socks were finished during our drive back from Ocala.  I took the pictures right then and there since I knew I may never see these again.  In fact, however, I have seen them many times…on her feet.  She has deemed them “cozy” and I think she wears them nearly every day.   If they were dress code appropriate for her school, I don’t think they would ever come off of her feet.

And that just makes my momma heart all happy and giddy inside.






Anna Grace’s Socks

Stockinette Stitch

Yarn: Seacoast Handpainted Superwash Sock

Color: Blue Spruce



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