Wednesdays are for Works in Progress

No cute kid pics this week.  Should’ve taken a pic of AG this morning.  I bought her these little ties that are optional for the kids’ uniforms at Fake Luferan and she looked adorable.  Love that kid!

So what is happening around here?  Things are calming down (a tad) after a busy few weeks of having folks over for dinner, Valentine’s day and woo hoo… Dana taking me to The Goblin Market for dinner.  So yummy!!!!  And now it is time to ramp up for birthdays.

I took a new approach to throwing AG a birthday party.  It is the “how much will you charge me to take care of her entire party with me having to do very little” approach combined with the “do you take a check” approach.  And with that… we have a party planned. All I have to do is mail invitations and buy a cake.  And write a large check.  I think I can handle that.

Other than that….

The tower garden is coming right along and I’m about to break out in hives if I don’t go buy another unit.  I’m obsessed with the thing!


Zucchini Flower


Living Tower: Three Weeks of Growth

We have one zucchini that will be ready to harvest in the next few days.  Quickest. harvest. evah!!!

Tulips have finally arrived in Florida.  (Shipped from Washington, I suppose).  They make me so happy and I plan on buying them every week until they disappear from our stores.  They are my absolute favorite and one of those things I really miss about living in the PNW.


Bouquet #1….More to Follow  :-)

The Fannie’s Fingering Weight socks (okay…sock #1) are coming along.  We’re up to the toe.


Fannie Socks

(sorry…couldn’t resist.  I. am. so. twelve!!)

And yes… a few days after I posted it, I did notice that last week’s sock-in-progress photo looked a tad inappropriate.   And then I got the giggles because I’m nothing if not totally mature.

I did some shopping.  On Christmas morning I opened up a box and inside I found….


A Bosworth Spindle

Along with the spindle was a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe which I allowed to age nicely in the file folder on my desk.  Until this week….


Sweet Georgia, Fleece Artist and Gale’s Art

I’m fairly certain those people teleported that box here.  It arrived in less than 36 hours.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Haven’t cast on for the Cloud Chaser yet but the yarn search took forever.  Anything I found that was cotton that I liked also had something like alpaca blended in.  Finally decided to give up on “drape” in favor of “won’t be hotter than Hades” and so… I just went for Cotlin yarn from KnitPicks.  It might not work out.  Not very confident about it.  I’ll give it  try over the next few days and let ya know.

Well, that’s about all that is going on around here.  What about over at your place???

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  1. I don’t think the tulips are from Washington, unless they’re from a greenhouse. We drove by the fields yesterday and only the daffodils are up, but not yet blooming. Now we’re buried under 9 inches of snow!

  2. Ok first of all, I needed to go back and look at your last sock post. didn’t notice anything unusual abt it until you mentioned something. now I’m LOLing!!!!

    that living tower is amazing!!! Where did you get it? My dh would LOVE it!

    LOVE the yarn you bought. Makes me laugh that you are buying yarn since I still think of your store. Do you have anything left from that chapter in your life?

    LMK how that cotlin works out. I have read another blog where she used cotlin and she really liked it, but it was for a spring cardigan.

    and keep Goblin Market in mind for lunch sometime. It’s a bit cheaper then but still SOOO good!!!

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