Twisted Tuesdays (and other stuff)

Hey… betcha thought I was backin’ out of the whole Twisted Tuesday thing! Nope. Just hadn’t gotten my act together.

That’s all changed.

I got the spinning wheel out and started spinning up some more of the roving that I purchased at Madrona. This time I’m working on some roving from Chameleon Colorworks.


Chameleon Colorworks. Color: Klee

I started spinning this yesterday at lunch time and so far I’ve only been working on it at lunch. It is a good activity for when Anna Grace is relaxing and enjoying the Super Readers. Today she snuggled with me and tried to help me draft the fiber while I spun and she enjoyed watching Wyatt and crew.

Here’s where we are so far:


Cameleon Colorworks in progress.


I may enter this into the fair. We’ll see if I can get it done without rushing. And without nubbs, breakage and other disasters.

Now on to other things…..

Yesterday we talked about the dyeing that occurred this weekend. There were 2 skeins dyed. One using Kool Aid and one done by Anna Grace using the Easter egg leftovers. Well, here’s the results of the one using the Kool Aid. It was kettle dyed using 4 packs of grape Kool Aid. I really thought it was going to turn out gray (and I wasn’t happy about that) but it turned into a nice plum purple and I’m loving all the little variations.



Kool Aid Yarn: Grape


The other skein was one that I let Anna Grace dye using her left over Easter Egg dyes. I helped her put the yarn in the yellow, green and blue leftovers. Then we spooned some of the orange leftovers on top. Well, it didn’t look like much once it finished drying but then I got out the niddy noddy and reskeined it for her this afternoon. And now it looks pretty cool. (Reskeining is such a miraculous thing. I think it goes in the same category with blocking lace.)

I tried to get Little Miss to pose with her handiwork but she wasn’t into cooperating.


Anna Grace the fiber artist



Anna Grace’s Easter Yarn


And finally… what happened with the speech therapist?

Well, I emailed her and reviewed my concerns and she was very receptive. She is going to repeat the language portion, one subset at a time, over the next several sessions. She stated that she would be mindful of distractions, etc. I think this will give Anna Grace the greatest opportunity to demonstrate where she is in her language skills.

The whole thing, emotionally, has really thrown me for a loop. I immediately felt plunged back into all of those emotions that I thought were long buried. The feelings and fears from when we first realized something was wrong and wondering if she would ever be okay. While I had been so sure for months that she was overcoming this, she was victorious and would live a normal life… a life where the outside observer wouldn’t realize that there was anything different about Anna Grace… this whole incident left me with my confidence shaken. My confidence and my faith.

So now I am trying to fight my way back. Reminding myself of all that God has done for her and all the success she has had in these past three years. But the fear is back. The fear that I thought I had dealt with and that I thought was gone. I am no longer confident in making decisions regarding her insurance, her therapy, etc. I am, again, filled with self doubt. And worry. And disappointment in myself over how quickly I was shaken.

This too shall pass.

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  1. Though I have never gone through this (or anything w/ kids) I thought I should let you know one thing. (feel free to ignore, advice is free and disposable) This seems to me to be even more reason to be confident in yourself about making decisions regarding “insurance, her therapy, etc” You were obviously irritated and you made sure to address the issue and you got results. +50 for Kris 0 for therapy = +50 for Anna Grace!

    We all have those days where we get rattled, but you will get through it.

    PS Can I lick your purple yarn? It reminds me of grape suckers/lollipops

  2. My eldest also struggles with apraxia, and I understand the frustrations and struggles with being your child’s best advocate. You’re doing a wonderful job.

  3. I love Anna Grace’s Easter yarn! And don’t be discouraged. I know when I get shaken like you are talking about, it usually helps me put things back in God’s hands. He will continue to be at work in your little girl.

  4. You do the most intersting things with yarn, dye,spinning wheels, niddy noddys and needles!!!! I am sooooooooo impressed and amazed!! I know nothing about any of these things – and find it all so interesting!! Really!!

  5. I’ve got a little guy myself with speech issues (he’s on the mild end of the autism spectrum) so I know just how meaningful those hard-earned successes are.

    Hang in there — it *will* pass. :)

  6. I’m a big Kool-Aid dying fan, so that purple looks great! And I LOVE Anna Grace’s Easter yarn too! You’ll have to make something nice for her with that. 😉

    And I understand those fears and doubts. It’s frustrating, for sure. As soon as you think it’s all over, something happens to up-end things to make you doubt yourself. In the end, know this– she has made progress, and you are doing everything you can to make sure she has a positive outcome, and that’s what’s most important. Even if you make mistakes along the way (and heaven knows I have), you learn from it, and move on. So it’s good that you pressed the issue with the SLP, and that you get to try again under better circumstances. And just take the outcome as whatever the outcome is– if she needs more help, then she needs more help. It’s better to get it now, as you know than have her struggle more later on. 😉


  7. Love the yarn and understand the feelings. We are a little further along with a different diagnosis but try to remember that there will be ups and downs…no matter what your kid might or might not have. I have been having a hard week with Owen. His verbals are way down and his aggression increasing. I get so freaking frustrated with him. It sounds like the speech therapist heard you and I am so glad for that. You are doing a terrific job Kris! You are an inspiration.

  8. My oldest has ADHD and Dysgraphia, among some other issues. He’s 22 now, but when we had him diagnosed in 10th grade (he is very bright and was able to mask his learning differences until high school) they allowed a Fellow to do the evaluation. Same experience as yours…too much distraction, too much stimulus and not enough experience. Be proud of yourself for contacting the therapist and voicing your issues. Yes, teaching does need to occur, but not at the expense of your child’s proper evaluation. The event shows that you are able to deal with the therapists, insurance, etc. If it weren’t for your dealing with them as well as you are, things wouldn’t be getting accomplished! Good job!

  9. The yarn is lovely. One thing to be aware of, though, is that a lot of the Kool-Aid colors will fade fairly quickly to a dull gray with exposure to sunlight. Not all, though; I experimented a few years ago, putting some outside. Took two weeks on the pink.

    Best of luck with the therapy. I’m delighted the therapist was willing to acknowledge what should have been obvious anyway, and to make good on it.

  10. Of course I cannot walk in your shoes Kris but please don’t beat yourself up over your reaction to this “percieved” set back. You’ve worked so hard and you were thrown for a loop when the testing was done in a less than optimal setting. AG has come so far because of your strength and determination and she will continue to do so because she has an amazing Mom as her advocate!

    Yes, this too shall pass, quickly :)

  11. Hi! I had the thought to dye some yarn with our leftover easter egg colors but I didn’t do it! Now I wish I had! It looks great. Also your spinning is gorgeous – what kind of spinning wheel do you use? I just ordered one and it is on its way to me – I should get it in a few days. I can’t wait – I hope I am able to catch on and spin as well as you do!

  12. Hi. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I was reading your post about your daughter. She looks so healthy and sweet. What is her situation? I was reading about the speech therapy and just wondered what exactly the problem was or diagnosed as? I am so jealous you have the patience for spinning and dyeing with your daughter. This is a goal of mine.

  13. beautiful yarn!

    our kids bring out the most basic and instinctual responses. we all have that “mother lion” inside, don’t we? go with your gut. it is not wrong–this I know well.

    all the best to you and AG.

  14. I’m so proud of you for standing up for Anna Grace, and for yourself! You are such an amazing mom, in so many varied ways!

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