Trunk or Treat

On Friday, Anna Grace and I tagged along with Lori and her family to go to their church’s Halloween event.  It’s called Trunk or Treat and folks decorate the backs of their cars in a “theme” of their choice and then the kids go car to car to “trick or treat”.

The event was held at a local park right on the lakefront. It was perfect.  There were bouncy houses and music.  Not too much…. but juuuuuust right.  Loud but not too loud.  It was the perfect mix for Anna Grace.  And for me, too.  Dana wasn’t home yet so I was doin’ the Halloween thing by myself and this was the perfect mix.  I’m so glad Lori invited us along.


Anna Grace as a ladybug….not WordGirl.




Jonas Brothers Trunk




Great Pumpkin Trunk



“Who Says Gospel is Dead” Trunk.

This guy was singing in between these things…it was pretty funny.




Scarecrow Trunk




FSU Seminoles Trunk… I was very fond of this one.  :-)


We had a wonderful time.  It was just perfect.  The weather.  The entertainment.  The amount of things to do.  Just. Perfect.

In other news…..

Tomorrow I leave for the great Grand Canyon trip.  I’m very excited as I have never seen this great hole in the ground.  I’ll return over the weekend.  I’ll try to blog while I’m gone but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to.

Dana is minding the shop so there will be no delays in shipping or anything like that.

Blog at ya when I get a chance.   Toodles.



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  1. What happened to Word Girl????
    I’ve heard of Trunk or Treat but I just thought it was a bunch of trunks open with candy. I didn’t know people got all fancy with it. Very cool!

    • Trunk or Treat is big where I live, each year we have a trunk contest. There are some really good ones, and last year I won “Best junk in my trunk”. You should see some of the stuff people come up with

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