The Travelers

We had a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was so beautiful and I’m just thrilled that we went.  We had a ball.

These next few posts will be about our trip…. so if vacation photos aren’t your thing…just pass on by.

First up… the travelers


Lori & Michelle in Phoenix


Lisa & Me in Phoenix

On Tuesday morning, Lori, Lisa & I left Orlando and headed to Phoenix….via Salt Lake City.  Meanwhile, Michelle left Savannah and headed to Phoenix via Atlanta.  Our planes landed within about 10 minutes of each other and we had a big reunion right in the middle of the airport.


Michelle, Lisa, Lori and Myself….all freezing….at the Grand Canyon.


Michelle & Lisa….livin’ on the edge


Lisa….who today turns the big 4-0… at the Grand Canyon. 

Happy Birthday, EC.

Next up…. Grand Canyon pictures.

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