The Socks of Doom (A.K.A. Jaywalkers)

I started these socks two years ago (or maybe it was one and it just feels like two).   One sock was completely frogged at one point because it was huuuuuuuge!   Then the sock was re-knit.  Still huge.  I decided to just roll with it.

Knitting had been pushed aside for raising kids and starting a business and life.  However, it was still there in stolen moments.  But when we took over our church’s youth ministry (yes, I have many things to tell you.  We’ll get there.  Eventually.) for some reason, I just decided that I needed to give it up.  Actually, I guess I never really decided that.  I just kinda did it.

People (people as in “non-knitters”) would make comments.

“Have you been knitting lately?”

“What knitting projects have you been working on?”

“Do you still knit everywhere you go?”

Eventually I picked up the clue phone.  What they were really saying is “You are a complete  crank and totally insufferable so for the good of humanity, would you please knit something!!” And so I did.

After nine months of serving in a capacity that has stretched me beyond what I had imagined, I picked up the knitting needles one night and I knit a stitch or two or five.   And I just decided to finish something. Finishing one something led to two somethings which led to a spinning wheel being fired up and a spindle twirling and I can’t imagine why I ever set all of this fiber fabulousness aside.

So here are the Socks of Doom: A finished project.  Named because they definitely have bad ju ju, lots of bad ju ju.   But, in spite of that, they helped me get a bit of calm, of sanity, a crumb of distraction that led to knitting and praying and praying while knitting and  waiting and knowing….that it would be well. I would love to tell you about yarn and colors and such but ball bands are lost, as they tend to be in my life.   Maybe I’ll get better about that one day.  Or not.


Jaywalker Socks

Jaywalker Socks

Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn.  (Can’t remember if it is Tough Love or Superwash Sock.)

Color: Snapdragon (I think)

Size: Gigantic

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  1. Perfect! I am so glad you are back knitting and blogging. Your posts on Facebook are so perfect, I’ve often wished you’d fire up the blog again.

    And if nobody in your house has feet that fit those, send them to me. Size 11 here.

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