The Enchanted Child

Anna Grace’s ballet recital was beautiful and also a little sad.  Not sure if she’ll change her mind but AG has decided she is done with ballet. We’re registered for next year but unless she has a change of heart, this was our last recital.

The ballet was The Enchanted Child about a little boy who disobeys his mother, gets sent to his room and has a major meltdown.  In the midst of his fit, he destroys his room.  Then all of the things he has destroyed, and all the things he has harmed in the past, come to life and scare the daylights out of the boy.   There were fish and lambs and even bats and dancing flames of fire.  That kid hacked off a whole lot of stuff!!

Anna Grace’s class were the flowers that come flying off of Mama’s dress.  Mama, in this case, was Mr. Kirst wearing a dress and walking on stilts.   All of the dancers entered the stage hiding around Mama.  Most were hiding behind him (her) but some of the shorter dancers were hiding beneath his (her) dress.  It was pretty cool to watch.  All of the flowers then began to scold and shake their finger at the naughty, naughty boy.


Recitals mean lots and lots of waiting.



 Ready to go.



 My beautiful girl.



 Scolding the naughty boy.



Doing a great job, doing her best. 



 Anna Grace and Amanda



More scolding.  I think she liked that part best.



 Posing for the paparazzi.



Grandma and Grandpa Haukoos. 

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  1. She may not have had the role of ‘enchanted child’ but the photos of her are enchanting! Thanks for sharing them. And thank her from a complete stranger for doing such a wonderful job of dancing her part.

  2. Anna Grace makes a beautiful flower (I remember her English doll photos from a previous recital and how lovely she was there).

  3. Love the pics!!!! They did The Enchanted Child a few years back, Baby Girl was in it, but for the life of me I cant remember what she was! She was either a frog or a jack in the box. We never had pretty dresses in ballet, she was always an insect or object of some kind. AG looks beautiful as a flower!!!

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