Taking a cue from Lori, I thought making a list of things I’m thankful for would be a good idea…. and might just help me to get my head out my butt (something that, at times, is very needed).

So… here it goes.  I’ll try to do this weekly and then maybe I won’t be such a grouch.

This week I am thankful for….

– Triangular crayons

– That I had a wonderful grandmother in my life, she would have turned 90 today.  I miss her greatly and have so much to tell her.

– For all the wonderful news that I wish I could tell Grandma but I hope she just “knows” anyway.

– For the cooler weather we’ve had this week.

– For the fact that my husband made it home safe and sound.

– For the fact that in 8 weeks… the Christmas season will officially be over (see…told you I was grouchy!)

Those are the things I’m thankful for today.

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  1. I am thankful that Christmas will all be over in 8 weeks, but terrified that it will be here in less!

    I know what you mean about grandmothers. But they always know, don’t they?

    Hope your thankful day helped with the grouchy. =)

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