Still Alive

I had no idea how hard, great but hard, having a third child would be.  Add in the closeness in age between Jack Henry and Georgia Kate, season that with some major colic issues and my life has become buck wild crazy.  And with that, things have been neglected.  Thankfully things are getting easier, colic is gone and I’m starting to get the hang of all of this.


So since I last visited this blog there was….Halloween.  Which was fun.


Anna Grace was a cat (or a leopard…depends on who you ask).


Jack Henry was a garden gnome who refused to wear his hat and beard.


Georgia Kate was a flower and wore her costume for about 27 seconds… and then that was the end of that.

Since the last time I blogged we… had Thanksgiving

We spent the day with Hammy and Hampy.  All the kids played, life was good and all went well.  The night before turkey day we got together with Dana’s parents and had a really great time celebrating with them.

Since the last time I was here in blogtown we…. saw Santa Claus.


The Whole Gang


Georgia Kate and Santa taking a nap


Jack Henry and Santa


Anna Grace and Santa.

Since I was last visiting this blog I…. started a new knitting project.  But it’s a Christmas gift.  So I am photo-less.

Since I last visited this blog… we had family pictures taken.


 November 25, 2011

Since I last visited this blog… Dana and I celebrated our 14th anniversary if by “celebrated” you mean “cheered on the Seminoles as they beat the trash out of the Gators.”  Good times, good times.

Since I last visited this blog…I have been on Facebook…a lot.  I guess it is easier for my brain to process a quick note over there than writing a whole post.  Actually… I think I get too hung up on the idea that I need to catch everything up which is overwhelming.  I should just come over here and write and not worry about “catch up”.

Since I last visited this blog, I found a wonderful piece of trivia that would be so perfect if we still owned the yarn shop.  Remember the Sonny & Cher themed trivia questions?  Well… here’s one for ya that I just learned about today.

Long ago we had a senator named Connie Mack.  Connie Mack retired and now, all these years later his son is running for office.   His son’s name is… Connie Mack.  Connie Mack is married…. but what is his wife’s name???

Mary Bono Mack.  The widow of Sonny Bono.

Since I last visited this blog, many other things have happened:

  • Our church moved to a new building, a great building.
  • Anna Grace is in two Christmas pageants, both this weekend.  One was at school last night, the next is at church tonight.
  • Colic went away.  Reflux took her place.
  • Jack Henry learned the art of the temper tantrum.
  • Jack Henry also learned to climb and how to escape…as in how to find a way to get out of the house.
  • The doors now have alarms on them.

And that about sums it up.

I’ll try to be a bit better about keeping things up to date.  Really… I will.  :)

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  1. Happy 14th anniversary!!! I was at Chili’s when that game was on! Very interesting watching it in a public place. Needless to say it got loud in there!!

    Glad to see you are alive and well and surviving 3 small children. I LOVE that family picture. Great shot of all 5 of you.

    Yes that would have been a great trivia question. Well maybe you could start up another on line shop. You know, in your spare time ;p

  2. Isn’t that funny…I find the opposite true for myself. (of course, going through some heavy things..and the slowness of the blog feels better than FB) now, that is NOT to say I love reading what others have been saying :) Love your family picture! You have such a beautiful family!

  3. What a nice blog u have. And a beautiful family too. I’ll be checking out ur older projects at Ravelry. As of just this month I can say I can knit! Am excited! I posted my first completed project on Ravelry and my second, which is in progress, as well. I’ve been crocheting for years on and off. I have to say I can whip out more in bulk crocheting but I’m loving my new skills:)

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