Running on Empty

I started running again last fall.  It took much longer this time but I finally got up to where I was before I had the stress fractures and before I got pregnant with Georgia Kate.   And so I decided that I should train for a marathon in all of my, ya know, “free time”.    I signed up for the Space Coast Marathon and diligently started trying to build my mileage.

Instead, I have spent many months plagued by injuries.  Achilles tendonitis, knee pain and a groin pull.  I have a very hard time telling people that I have a groin pull injury.  Just seems like that should be a boy thing.

I have now taken three weeks off and I attempted to return to running this week.  Or…slowly return to running this week.  Things went well but now… it’s a bazillion degrees outside and the humidity is through the roof.  I had hoped to have toughened up quite a bit before this place started to feel all Florida-ish.

When I was running after I had Jack Henry, I lost a three pants sizes very quickly.  This time…nada.   I better start dropping some pant sizes soon.  Afterall, I ain’t doin’ this for my health!


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  1. Are you doing a run/walk training method or just solid running? I can’t run very long adn I keep having set-backs. I have no desire to run a marathon, but a half sounds fun!

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