Magic Loop

After finishing the Jaywalkers of Doom, I jumped right in and cast on another sock.  I don’t know what got into me but I decided to try magic loop like RIGHT NOW.   And, initially, I completely hated it.   It was way too fiddly and fussy and such.   And, much of the first sock has a huge ladder down the side which heretofore will be referred to as a “design element”.   I had decided that sock #2 would be knit with DPNs, I was all done with this magic loop foolishness.

But about an inch before the toe, I figured out how to tighten the stitches better and things began to flow and somewhere in there, I decided the magic loop method was pretty cool.

I was pretty lazy with this sock.   I couldn’t be bothered to do the ribbing to get the thing started.   Getting started was so fiddly as it is that the whole idea of adding in k2p2 was not on my list of things I wanted to do.   So a stockinette, roll top sock was started and so be it.

This yarn is, again, without a ball band and I don’t remember the history of the thing.  I do remember winding it over 2 years ago before a vacation.  I remember receiving it 9 – 10 years ago in one of those blog gift exchange things but I don’t remember from who.  I did, however, remember that the name of the yarn had something to do with the name Karen.  I got on Ravelry and did a little detective work.   It is Karen’s Heavenly Creations and I think the color is Blueberry Hill.   I would’ve swore it was named something about “electric” something or the other but it does look like the photos of Blueberry Hill.

I have turned over a new leaf in this whole ball band fiasco.  Ball bands are now shoved inside of the wound balls of yarn but you will still have many of these “mystery yarn” posts because I fear there are many balls of yarn in the stash whose ball bands are on the missing and/or endangered list.



Magic Loop Socks

Karen’s Heavenly Creations

Color: Blueberry Hill (I think)


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  1. Those went fast! I have all my yarn stashed unwound with ball bands still attached, otherwise I would have no hope of knowing what I have.

    By the way, I downloaded Blogsy to blog from the ipad, it’s much better than using WP from the ipad browser. Not free, but pretty easy to use, plays well with my keyboard and photo album.

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