We went to North Carolina for a few days to visit my mother.  Long drive home. I’m brain dead so I will have to do more of a post later.

I did finish a certain pair of socks while I was gone….those socks.  Okay… that’s kinda a lie.  I still have to stitch up the toe. (Yes…. I avoided stitching up the toe….my bad.)

In important news, we’re having a sale at Sonny & Shear.   From now until Friday, May 23, 2008 you can spend your economic stimulus money save 20% on all yarns in the shop by entering code GeorgeGaveMeYarnMoney at checkout.

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  1. Wish the money George gave me was for yarn, but I really need new living room furniture. I want yarn, but that NEED is going to win this time.

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