Good News, Resolutions and Such

We went to see Mr. Specialist yesterday.  Mr. Specialist specializes in…..neurosurgery.  Georgia Kate’s head circumference increased rapidly over a short period of time plus she has a very odd fontanel and that earned us a referral to a neurosurgeon.  Baby girl had already had an ultrasound on her head while she was in the hospital that was essentially normal.  Mr. Neurosurgeon spent some time with GK, checked her out head to toe and declared the neurologically/developmentally she was in great shape, she just needs to grow in to her head.  He said he needed to double check that nothing bad is going on inside there so he’ll do a flash MRI in 6 weeks.  If all is well, he’ll release us and she’ll grow in to her head in the next months as she approaches a year of age.

So… scary visit and a week of scary thoughts and we end up with a great outcome.

And that was Dana’s 50th birthday present.  Yep… poor guy had to go to the neurosurgeon’s office to have his daughter evaluated on his birthday. But he said, when it was all over with, that hearing that Georgia Kate was just fine was the best birthday present he could’ve hoped for.

One drama down…..

Our Christmas was low key.  For me, that was a gift in and of itself.  We saw a little family here and a little family there.  On Christmas Day we went to church and then spent the afternoon hanging out at Hammy and Hampy’s.  It was just a nice and relaxing day.  And low stress.  Thankful for that.

I’m still knitting on my Christmas knitting project.  That will be completed probably by MLK day.  Or later.  The way my life has been going lately… anything is possible.  :-)

Finally… it is almost New Year’s Day and I stopped doing resolutions years ago.  Or, I stopped doing the usual “I will eat better”, “I will climb Mount Everest”,  “I will be a nicer person” version of resolutions years ago.  Instead, I make lists of things I want to do.  Things related to…knitting and fiber and spinning.  YAY!!!  So here’s my list for 2012:

1.  I want to get back in to the habit of going to my knitting group.  I will go to knitting group at least once a month.

2.  I want to finish Jack Henry’s Wonderful Wallaby sweater.

3.  I want to do some project that involves color work.  Maybe just a small project but something.

4.  I want to finish the spinning project that I have on the wheel right now.  (Merino wool by Urban Gypz in the color Tiger Lily.)

5.  I want to do a spinning project (just 4 ounces or so) with my drop spindle.

That’s it.  Those are my fiber related resolutions for 2012.

Hope y’all have a great new year.  I feel like we certainly will now that we have the weight of the world off of our shoulders.  :)

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  1. Wow, scary time for you! We had the opposite: 4th kid was a pinhead…fast forward 23 years, he’s a very gifted, honor student with a pin head. Go figure. Just another way kids make their parents crazy?

    I’m so happy all is well at your house, finally! Hope you have a little time, here and there, to accomplish your goals, enjoy your kids, your husband…oh, and blog too!

    Happy new year!


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