Flash Gordon

Georgia Kate had another MRI today, a flash MRI to be exact.  A flash MRI is where the kid isn’t sedated, the kid is wrapped up in a sheet and is perfectly happy with this arrangement until you strap a belt across their chest.  Then out come the headphones and head gear that hold the head in place.  The screaming commences, the MRI is started and the whole thing is done in 5 minutes.

Georgia Kate tolerates them just fine. She just likes to make sure the entire hospital knows she’s hacked off.  And as soon as you pick her back up, she stops.  Immediately.

We won’t get her results until Tuesday.  Her head circumference is currently 49 cm which translates to “way too freakin’ big”.  The diagnosis last time was “benign extra axial fluid”.  That’s what we’re hoping for this time.

We now have 2 flash MRI’s under our belt and hope we have no more.  If we do, this child’s nickname will be changed from “peach” to “Flash Gordon”.

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