Do I Look Familiar?

Remember me… loony knitter that had 2 more children in 2 years… all while being over 40?  Sound familiar?

Well, let me get things caught back up.

The Drawer:   In my last post I discussed the idea of cleaning out a drawer of little jewelry boxes and my fear that if I did that, I’d have to move again.  Well… necessity says I’m going to have start cleaning.  I have a little sorter thing that holds earrings, necklaces, etc and I’ll get them back in use.   What was the deciding factor?  Estate planning.   I need to pull out some things, photograph them and then decide who gets them if I keel over.   Cheery, ain’t it?!!

Christmas on Valentines:  On Valentines Day I finished up a project that was intended to be a Christmas present.  Just a tad late.


Diagonal Lace Socks

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy (Blue Lagoon) 

Anna Grace is 8:  In March, Anna Grace turned 8.  I am still stunned to think that she is actually 8.  She has grown up so much and she amazes me every day.  She has become a great help and she’s showing me that she knows how to show compassion for others.  I’m also learning that she is a caregiver.  As soon as someone is hurt, she’s on the scene with band aids and ice packs.  I love her so much and always think of her as the kid that totally transformed my life, my faith, revealed my self centeredness and changed me completely.   She’s the kid that forced me to see the world with different eyes and I am so proud of her.


Anna Grace, age 8 

Easter was fabulous.   Our church conducted the local sunrise service for the City of Eustis.  I got to participate and it was amazing and simple and wonderful and a tremendous blessing.  We had a wonderful day, a relaxing day (believe it or not) and I had a wonderful time celebrating my favorite day of the year.


 Family photo


Jack Henry and Anna Grace


Georgia Kate… my little peach

And then…TWO!!!  Right after Easter, Little Man turned two years old.  On his actual birthday, I took him to New Smyrna Beach to play for an hour or so…just the TWO of us.


A few days later, we had a John Deere birthday party just for the little man.  Everyone wore their John Deere green.


Birthday boy


 Lisa and Georgia Kate


John Deere cupcakes


Cupcake face


 Happy birthday, Jack Henry

Current knitting:  Some.   Working on some color work.  Tension is off.  Time is short.  I’ll get back there one day.

Ballet update…  Recital weekend is this weekend and this may be our last recital.  Anna Grace is saying she’s done and I’m exhausted with trying to get her there all the time while arranging babysitters for “the littles”.  I’m looking forward to having the summer off and have said that we need to make our final decision in July.  Right now we’re just too stinkin’ tired to think reasonable.

And finally… our life is full of smiles and screams and giggles and diapers and chaos and more chaos and tantrums and laughter and a lot of joy.  There are days I pull my hair out but …


New Smyrna 

I wouldn’t trade this crazy life for anything in the world.

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  1. YAY your family is adorable as always (it would be nice if you or Dana could age so the rest of us feel better about getting old)!

    Are you still working? I know you were awhile back. I can’t wait to see what else you knit!

  2. You have a lovely family! I really admire you. I know how much devotion and care and work it is to raise a child. The knitting will return again. I have been caring for my 1-yr-old, and if I can find time to knit that’s great, but if not, that’s fine. Like you said: you wouldn’t want to miss all the smiles and laughs. It’s great to see you on the internets again! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was, once upon a time, going to supply yarn for your shop.

  3. Great pics. glad to see you are still alive!!! LOL

    I completely understand abt ballet. Baby Girl was 8 when she decided that she had enough of ballet as well. If you are serious abt being a ballerina, it’s a fantastic school. LOVE them there. But if you aren’t it can be a LOT of work. I’m sorry I missed the performance. Its the first one in 7 years that we did miss. What was the story this year? And I need to see pics!

  4. Ah, nice to have you back. Occasionally I go to your blog address, just in the hope that maybe you’ll return, update your readers, let us hear about your life. I always think, “Okay, I’ll check one more time, then delete the site”. I figured you’d retired from blogging, but didn’t want to give up too early. What a nice surprise on this insomniac night to hear from you on late-breaking family news.

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