December Has Not Gone Well

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of Christmas.  Too much to do, too many places to be, etc.  But this year, I thought things were so well under control and minimized that we might have a great, low stress, year.  By the first week of December, I was 95% done.

And then Georgia Kate was hospitalized for 5 days.

RSV bites.  It is mean, and ugly and wicked.  Most kids are in for 48 hours, GK got to hang out in our luxury accommodations  (hmmmm…thanks to spell check I just learned that I’ve been spelling that wrong my entire life!) for five days.  Lucky us.  And then, as an added Christmas bonus, our insurance company has now decided to deny payment for the hospitalization stating it wasn’t medically necessary.  She couldn’t breathe without oxygen, chest flailing with every breath but ya know… not medically necessary.  We’re holding steady until we figure out what the hospital is going to do.  At that point we’ll fight.  Until then… we wait.

During all of this, I was working on a little knitting project.  Christmas knitting to be exact.  But progress has slowed greatly due to circumstances and the teensy tiny problem of me falling asleep every time I pick up the knitting needles.

In other drama, because what would December be without drama, during Georgia Kate’s hospital follow up appointment, another “issue” was discovered and now we’re going to meet a specialist.  I’m sure Mr. Specialist is a very nice person but I would prefer to spend the rest of my living days without ever meeting Mr. Specialist.    But that is not a choice I was given in this life and so…. we’ll be meeting Mr. Specialist on Thursday.

Maybe I can knit in his waiting room.  Or maybe not since I don’t want to fall asleep.

There was a Christmas pageant earlier this month and that did go well.  I got to sit in the audience and not work and not worry and just be a mom.  And watch Anna Grace have a blast playing one of the Herald Angels.  That was a great moment.


 Anna Grace in Angel Attire

And so here I am, on December 22nd, blogging.  Not finished with Christmas shopping (but that little hospitalization gained me a grace period) and not finished with Christmas shipping (but I have another grace period because the things to be shipped haven’t arrived in the mail yet).  See… life’s all about grace periods right now.

January will be better.  After all, January has one of my favorite days of the year: January 2nd.  The first day of the non-Christmas season.  May it come quickly!

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  1. Youre title is a bit of an understatement. I hope the hospital and insurance get their ducks in a row so you don’t have to fight. Good luck and happy thoughts to you and your family.

    your daughter looks so grown up oh my goodness!

  2. I feel that way abt Jan 1. To me it doesnt signify a new year, but the end of the endless holiday season that starts Oct 1.

    Oh and who are these ppl who deny a tiny baby hospital care by saying it wasn’t medically necessary???? I hate insurance. Its all abt the bottom line and NOT the poor ppl who need the care. I hope it goes OK for you. and hopefully GK is feeling better.

    Oh and AG is beautiful! She’s getting big!!

  3. Insurance…Bah Humbug!! We had to fight to get the chemo treatments for James. I thought it might be a fight, based on the extent of the spread…however, I was not prepared for their reason of denial..”Not medically necessary”. What exactly does that mean, anyhow?
    Sorry you are having to deal with all of this! Will be praying for your visit with Mr. Specialist.
    And, AG makes an adorable angel!! Love to all the family!!

  4. I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas, and that the end of the year is finishing better than the first half of December. Are you all back to good health again? What a lot of stressors you’ve had and I hope the insurance has decided that a baby’s life on the line was worthy of their coverage.

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