Dang it!

The house… the pink house… the pepto bismal pink house…

– the one I just loved to death

– the one with the art studio in back that would be perfect for the yarn shop

– the one with the extra little mother in law cottage

– the one with the great big yard and the great location

That pink house.  Well….the owners filed for bankruptcy so all assets are frozen and thus…the house can no longer be sold.  This. just. stinks.

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  1. That is such a bummer! Let’s hope this is one more example of what happens is what is supposed to happen. Hang in there. Hugs from Houston.

    • I honestly love any kind of jewelry! So the more the beBetr!ty the way, I'm going to VEGAS!!! YEAH! You have to let me know what the best places to eat are at! We've only gone 2 times before, and we basically only ate at buffets, because the people we are with, always just want to eat buffets. But honestly, it's such a waste, because I don't eat that much. 😀

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