Celebrating Anna Grace

It has been a little while since we have had an apraxia update.  We had the drama of the eval that went wrong, but I haven’t really talked about the final outcome, the decisions made, etc.


Anna Grace: June 2008 


You may remember that the eval that went so bad ended up with Little Miss scoring at age level in some areas, ahead in one area and below age level in another.  Well, when the re-evaluation occurred, the results were essentially the same.  And for me, that was big.  I had concrete evidence to show that Anna Grace was learning to handle distractions and such and that it wasn’t having the detrimental effect that such things had in the past.

So, then it came time to figure out the new goals, long term plans, etc.

First, we were able to take Anna Grace down to one session a week.  We have not been at one session a week since we started this whole journey when she was 17 months of age.  (Nor were things ever at a place that I would be comfortable with such an arrangement.) Yes, she is down to one day a week because I still make sure that we work on her goals, etc throughout the week.  But she is doing well enough that she can still progress while meeting with the therapist just one time a week.

And then came the next big surprise.


We were discussing the timing of sessions and should we move the session to a time slot that will work with her school schedule in the fall, etc.  Then the therapist said that she thought that by that time Anna Grace may be able to go to a maintenance schedule.  In other words, she just comes in a few times a month to tweak a few things and give me guidance on things to work on at home.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

But I decided to not get my hopes up…. afterall, we still have pragmatics issues to deal with.

Well… maybe not.

After reading an interesting study, the therapist started using a video camera to film scenarios where she acted out (with Anna Grace) the correct way to respond in a particular social setting and the incorrect way to respond.  By filming a scenario and watching it just one time… Anna Grace totally grasped what needed to change and the pragmatics issue seemed to be taking care of itself.  One new situation arose but we just figured out a way to act it out and film it…. situation resolved.

I have known that this is a life long journey.  That things will pop up all of a sudden.   And learning difficulties are still a possibility.  But I just knew that we would be in intensive therapy until she was 6 or 7.  I never imagined we would be moving to this next phase so soon.  I’m thrilled but blown away.


Once we got through with the hootin’ and hollerin’, I wanted to do a little something more.  So I contacted Roxanne with Zen Yarn Garden and asked if she could create a special colorway for the shop.  A colorway to celebrate all of the hard work that Anna Grace has done and continues to do as each day passes.  Many folks that meet her would have no idea that there is anything different.  She has worked hard, fought hard and she is one tough cookie.  I am so very proud of her and her fighting spirit.  And I am very thankful for God’s graciousness and for all that he has done in her life.

Well…. Roxanne came through, beyond what I could have imagined.


Zen Yarn Garden Squooshy Sock: Anna Grace



Zen Yarn Garden Sea Sock: Anna Grace 

Way to go Anna Grace!


(and thanks Roxanne!!!!! )

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  1. I just bought one of the skeins of the sea garden sock yarns a la Anna Grace. I love the colors, and what a cool way to support a little girl who’s doing so well with her apraxia. Drew still struggles with the pragmatics (and that’s what he gets his ST for now), and you can see him struggle in…anxious…moments. I think that more complex thoughts are starting to reveal that his apraxia is rearing its head again, because his mouth and practical language can’t keep up with the complex thoughts he has sometimes. Ah, it’s always something. But I had to support the apraxia cause, and AG has earned the right to have a colorway named in her honor!

  2. I can’t begin to imagine how joyous you are right now. Although we’re all celebrating Anna Grace’s accomplishments, let’s not forget a high five for you. You played a huge part in making all this happen.

    I’m going to celebrate…and each time I wear my Anna Grace socks (yes, they will be for ME), I’ll think of her.


  3. I wish I could stop blubbering enough to type this :)

    This is such wonderful news, congratulations AG and congratulations Kris (and Dana) for all your hard work because ALL of you (plus your faith) made it happen!

    You have to take a skein of that yarn an put it away…you can knit her “something blue” with her namesake yarn on her wedding day!

    Or maybe on Inauguration Day cause with that kid, the sky’s the limit :)

  4. WOW!! That colorway is gorgeous!!! I am so proud of AG, you and Dana!!! I just checked the sea sock and it is sold out…:( let us know when you get more in, ok???

    Darla – Detroit


    Man.. that’s it.. Anna Grace gets her own colorwar, Franklin gets his own colorway. I want a colorway!! There my new goal in life!!!

  6. You’re more than welcome Kris! Anna Grace is truly a lovely girl with a lot of spirit in those eyes of hers that sparkle and I was honoured to do this for you! :)

  7. That is amazing! She is just such a beautiful girl, I know you and Dana are very proud of her.
    And I love the idea of saving some of that yarn just for her. That is, if there’s any left after we all get done shopping!

  8. Oh I couldn’t resist the Anna Grace sea sock yarn. My beloved mother was called Grace Anne. I will knit these and remember your beautiful gorgeous daughter and my wonderful mother, thank you :)

  9. Way to go AG! I’m so proud of all of you – you’ve worked very hard and can bask in this success. Before I commented I had to dash over to the site and order some of the yarn. It’s going to fly off the shelves and I wanted some of my own. Maybe I’ll knit some socks for Isobel so she can have socks named after her friend. I’ve already knitted her socks in the Isobel colorway from Yarn Pirate!

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